Artistry, Beauty and Color: Why No Two Dentists Are the Same

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 13 Jun, 2015

Are you happy with your smile?

Dentistry has come very far in a short time. We can now offer everyone the smile they could only dream about before. For many, this is life changing. It isn’t just about their teeth - it’s about their self-esteem, their professional image and their own idea of how they want to be. We’re happy to have the skills and expertise to bring this dream into reality.

Sometimes there’s nothing to fix. However, many others want something better for their smile and, in fact, have always wanted better. That’s where we really shine.

Maybe their teeth are slightly crooked - or more than slightly. Maybe age has dimmed the color or the shapes are ragged. It could be that there are gaps between the teeth or they’re broken, discolored or worn down. There may also be chips or cracks from active lifestyles. Poor health or neglect can cause other visible damage.

For professionals such as salespeople, attorneys, executives or, of course, entertainers, a beautiful smile is often considered an essential asset. However, a beautiful smile improves the quality of anyone’s life.

Unsightly teeth can make people hold themselves back from a wide, happy smile or a laugh. That really makes us sad. We feel that not only do we offer dentistry, we offer people the chance to leave this self-consciousness behind.

The great news is that it’s easy to make this self-consciousness a thing of the past. Powerful techniques now exist in cosmetic dentistry to solve any smile issue. Dr. Seifi has the skill, compassion and determination to bring each patient’s dream of a beautiful smile into reality.

The process starts with a high-resolution photo of the mouth and tapping into the desires of our patient. If they’re happy with their smile, then we’re happy. Otherwise, we can talk about invisible braces to adjust the position of the teeth or using porcelain veneers to correct chips and cracks. Bridges or crowns fix missing or damaged teeth. Composite fillings can replace darkened amalgam fillings.

Sitting with the patient, we help them understand the steps to achieving a beautiful smile. Very often, we can feel the patient’s relief before we touch a single tooth, because they realize they are finally going to get the smile they want.

Keep in mind that every cosmetic dentist isn’t the same. You could ask two dentists for the same service and end up with two dramatically different results.

Don’t ever assume that every dentist will know how to prepare veneers, crowns or bridges that will look natural and harmonize with your features. Knowing how to place a veneer is not the same thing as creating a smile of beauty. The difference is in the artistry of the work.

It might sound funny to refer to artistry when you’re talking about a dentist. But that’s what Dr. Maryam Seifi really is. She understands proportion, symmetry and the ideal shapes of a person’s teeth when compared to their other facial features. Dr. Seifi evaluates all of this before a patient’s cosmetic dentistry is even planned.

She also understands color.

No one has pure white teeth-not even a Hollywood star. Dr. Seifi works with nuances of color to give each patient a smile that looks like they were born with it. It might amaze you to learn that greens, reds, yellows, grays, oranges and blues may be added to a replacement tooth to give it a completely lifelike appearance. You even have to consider the way a tooth reacts to light falling on it. Does it look like the other teeth? Or does it stand out as unnaturally different?

Any dentist can form some porcelain and cement it into your mouth. That’s not our way and never will be. Dr. Seifi is satisfied with nothing less than achieving your dream smile. We’re here to give you more than dentistry.   Our goal is artistry and beauty.

Contact our Rockville dental office at   (301) 770-1070   for your own preliminary evaluation and learn how fast and simple it can be to achieve that dream of your own.

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