Transforming Lives Through Cosmetic Dentistry

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 17 Dec, 2016

"Dentistry is not just my job, it’s my art and my passion—particularly cosmetic dentistry."

Cosmetic dentistry allows me to do more than just improve someone’s smile. It enables me to change their life for the better. I’ve had patients who would cover their mouths when smiling or avoid talking with friends just because they were embarrassed about their teeth. They came to me for a “smile makeover” and when we were done, they not only had a gorgeous new smile, but also a big boost in self-confidence. Without the constant attention on their teeth problems, they were more outgoing and felt better about themselves.

In this age of advanced dentistry, an ideal smile is within easy reach. Advanced procedures exist to address just about any dental issue imaginable and my staff at  StarBrite Dental do a fantastic job at them all. Having practiced cosmetic dentistry for over 25 years, I’m passionate about the aesthetics of teeth — their artistry, balance and beauty—along with their function and health.

If you are concerned about the way your teeth look or are embarrassed about your smile, come see me for a no-charge consultation in my Rockville, MD office. I can help you get the exact smile you’ve always wanted. Call  (301) 770-1070 . or fill out the form below.

Maryam Seifi
Dr. Maryam Seifi, DDS

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