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  • 08 May, 2015
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At   StarBrite Dental, we very much value when our patients take the time to write about their personal experience in our Rockville dentist office. Thank you for visiting our website, and taking the time to read the following reviews from a few of our actual patients.

"As always, I was very pleased with the dental treatment provided at Starbrite Dental. I was seen at the appointment time I was given without having to wait and felt that the staff was both very professional and personable. I have been extremely pleased with my dentist and her postive and caring towards me as a patient. That is why I have been with Dr. Seifi for the past 25 years." -S.M.

"The staff at StarBrite Dental are friendly and caring. It had been a long time since I'd been to the dentist, and I was very nervous about having my cavities filled. But everyone was very attentive and concerned, and I experienced practically no pain at all during or after the procedure. I couldn't be happier." -M.C.

"Thank you for your prompt and professional service. Also by putting me on a payment plan I was able to get the service I needed. I wish I had known you earlier. I stumbled to you by a small chance. I was just bringing my dad in for an estimate. I am so happy to have met you. Now I can speak and smile without being afraid to show my two black lower teeth. Thanks." -C.H.

You can read more dental patient reviews on the StarBrite Dental website. If you need to schedule an appointment for a routine exam or cleaning ... or would like a cosmetic consultation, please give the office a call at   (301) 770-1070 .

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