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  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 09 Jan, 2014
"I went in for my standard cleaning and x-rays and to discuss retainers and Invisalign. I saw the same hygienist I've been seeing for years, we chatted about our life updates, and I got my teeth cleaned! A dentist I hadn't met before came in to check and chat a bit about the retainers--she was very nice and professional. Eventually, Dr. Seifi (the dentist I am more familiar with) came in to speak with me about my retainers and Invisalign, since she is familiar with my case."
Member Comments:
"As it has for every visit for the last 6+ years, my visit was great. StarBrite isn't always the timeliest--sometimes you have to wait a bit for your appointment, but it's never usually very long and you know it's because they are giving each patient the attention he/she needs and deserves.
Cherise is the hygienist I've been seeing since I first started going to StarBrite and she is just the greatest. She remembers me, we chat about our lives, and she's a great hygienist. She is very thoughtful (puts vaseline on your lips if they are getting dry) and gets her job done without being too rough. She also gives clear instructions on what she wants you to do, which has been a problem with past offices (turn away from me, turn towards me, open wider, etc.). She and the dentists are also great about explaining what's happening in terms you'll understand. After they give the proper terminology, they translate into layman's terms without being condescending.

When the first dentist came in, she introduced herself and was very personable before poking around and checking with Cherise. She saw a potential trouble spot but rather than rush in with the drill (and the bill), she gave me practical advice on how to keep the trouble at bay. After the first dentist, Dr. Seifi came in and we talked about my retainers--she'd tried to fix the top one before I went away on international business, but it still didn't fit quite right and caused me a great amount of pain. After explaining the situation, she agreed that I had done the right thing by not wearing the retainer. She took a look at my teeth and talked about making new retainers as well as Invisalign options for eventually fixing my bite.

I know that she is running a business, but I never feel like Dr. Seifi is pushing her products just for the money--which I have experienced in other offices. She is honest about the treatment possibilities, what is necessary versus what is cosmetic. As an office that does cosmetic dentistry, there is an emphasis on some cosmetic treatments. However, again, it is not oppressive.

All of the hygienists, dentists, and staff at StarBrite are excellent. They are the best at what they do and they are friendly while they do it. And it isn't a fake friendly--they know you, they remember, and they really make you feel at home. They are also very sensitive to personal insecurities, such as fear of
needles or general anxiety. They really do their best to make you feel comfortable and well-informed.

If you're looking for a new dentist, this is the place to go. I LOVE going to the dentist, no question."

Review from September, 2013 by L.O.
"StarBrite Dental is where you get the service you deserve, but never expected from a dental office." StarBrite Dental

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