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  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 11 May, 2013
Sony b 4/18/2013

"I'm a diabetic. I had extensive gum disease and other problems as well. This was affecting my health in general. Dr Seifi worked hard to help bring back a smile to my face, which I was becoming quite ashamed of due to my own neglect. I had lost several of my own teeth. The choices I was given by her help me regain my beautiful smile again. The staff is awesome. I know I still have a long way to go to totally bring my oral hygiene back to its most healthiest point. But one thing I am saying now, I love my smile, I am able to laugh hysterically without covering my mouth and I am so much better with my health. My primary Doctor, has noticed a big difference in my overall health. I now have better control of blood glucose."

"Thank you Dr. Seifi, and thank you Katherine for guiding me thru the Care Credit. And to the entire staff you are just so sweet and nice. I have and will refer more friends and family to Starbrite."

Thank you, Sony B.

"If you have anesthesia for your extraction, it should be painless. Mine was practically painless except for one of the novoccaine injections. The procedure was surprisingly quick when I had mine done recently."   K.M 4/18/2013

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