Can Your Mouth Hide a Secret, Even From You? Part 1

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 18 Nov, 2014
VELscope Oral Cancer Screening

We all have noticed a small bump or sore in our mouths at some time or the other, or maybe even a slight bruised feeling which at times becomes acutely painful. This happens routinely, and most of the time we ignore them and they go away. But sometimes our mouths keep secrets...

Oral cancer and oral disease are often painless and the physical symptoms are not always obvious, which makes this disease all the more dangerous as it is not detected until it is very advanced and more pronounced. Due to this type of cancer routinely being discovered late in its development "when there is a problem," it's often far advanced and the survival rate is quite low, about 50-57% per the Oral Cancer Foundation.

But there   is   good news, there's now a device which can be used in just 3-5 minutes in your dentist's office. It's called an oral cancer screening, and one of the newest methods of detection cancerous and precancerous growth is the VELscope oral cancer screening device. That's right, detection at its earliest stage of development.

The VELscope was recently featured on Dr. Oz as a breakthrough new device that allowed quick and easy oral cancer screening without the use of dyes or films.

StarBrite Dental   now offers the revolutionary VeLscope for oral cancer screenings along with your Professional Hygiene Appointment. Routine check ups and cleanings, along with periodic dental evaluations and oral screenings are important to maintain your teeth and gums for life, as well as defending the gateway to the rest of your body. Please call us today at   (301) 770-1070   if you are interested in scheduling your oral cancer screening in Rockville, MD with the new VELsope.

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