Rockville Dentist Offers Oral Cancer Screening

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 30 Mar, 2016

It is estimated that 48,250 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer this year alone. Of those, 57% will have only five years to live. Why? Because their cancer was identified too late. The good news is that if detected early, the survival rate for oral cancer jumps to a whopping 90%.

Most people probably don't think about oral cancer when they think about going to the dentist. Usually they just want to have their teeth cleaned, or have a cavity filled. But oral cancer screenings are a matter of routine at StarBrite Dental. After all, your dentist is in the best position to be able to detect any abnormalities in the mouth that could be cancerous or pre-cancerous.

Oral cancer can take many forms. It can occur to the lips, gums, tongue, throat and inside of the mouth. In any of these areas, abnormal cells can develop into cancers.

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