What Can a Dental X-Ray Really Tell Your Dentist?

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 08 May, 2014
Young Woman Getting Dental Xrays
Dental X-rays are simply a type of picture taken of the teeth and mouth. And an X-ray is a form of electromagnetic radiation, just like visible light but on a higher energy level. It can be used to penetrate the body to form an image of the interior structure, like bone or the inside of teeth.

dental x-raysDental X-rays help your dentist diagnosis injury to the teeth, or tell if there is tooth decay. They can also show signs of gum disease, and reveal dental cavities before they are visible in a dental exam.

At StarBrite Dental we use digital X-ray technology which means the images are sent to a computer rather than the more traditional method where they are stored on film. This technology allows the amount of radiation transmitted during the X-ray procedure to be less than traditional methods.

Dental X-rays are usually done as part of your routine hygiene appointment and allows your dentist to catch dental issues before they start and even have a chance to get worse.
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