A Labor Day Note From Dr. Maryam Seifi

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 06 Sep, 2013
This past Labor Day weekend I treated several emergency patients here in our Rockville, MD office that were not our patients, but patients who could not reach their local dental health providers due to the long holiday weekend… and they were experiencing a dental emergency. They came from all over the Greater Rockville area.

My caring staff and I were here at all hours of the weekend ensuring those patients got out of pain and that their dental emergencies got handled. In all we handled 10 emergency patients who needed immediate dental care. And I am so proud of my staff for being a team, and going the extra mile to provide our services.

But this brings up an interesting point on your care with me. Did you know I have a dedicated 24 hour dental emergency line? (301) 377-2186. It’s there primarily for our own patients in case of their dental emergencies.

Thank you for being our patient. You have my dedication to you and your family's dental care. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit with us.

Dr Maryam Seifi

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