Invisalign: The Answer to Crooked Teeth

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 15 Feb, 2017

Now more than ever, people seem to be concerned with the appearance of their teeth. Perhaps it’s because first impressions are made largely based on one’s smile, per recent studies. That may be why people suffering from crooked teeth tend to hide their smiles. But crooked teeth do more than cause one embarrassment. They pose health risks including gum disease, broken teeth and chronic pain. If you have crooked teeth, don’t be discouraged—you can have beautifully straight teeth and better oral health with Invisalign.

What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a tooth-straightening procedure which uses custom alignment trays to cover the teeth. These trays, made of clear plastic, gradually shift the teeth into proper alignment. Because they are invisible, people won’t even notice you’re wearing them. And, unlike metal braces, you can eat whatever you like. When treatment is complete, you’ll have the gorgeous smile you’ve been dreaming of.

How Invisalign Works

Where to begin? Here are the four steps to a brand new smile:

  1. Free Consultation: Come in for a free consultation with Dr. Seifi to discuss any concerns about your teeth and how you want them to look. Dr. Seifi is well-known for her outstanding work in cosmetic dentistry and has utilized Invisalign to help hundreds of patients. She’ll listen closely to your needs and tell you honestly what Invisalign can do for you.
  2. Treatment Plan: Once you get started, Dr. Seifi will use imaging technology to create a virtual representation of how your teeth will look during treatment and the amazing final result. She’ll also let you
    know how long the treatment will be.
  3. Invisalign Aligners: Based on your treatment plan, a series of customized clear aligners will be created for you. Just wear the aligners through the day and remove them to eat and clean your teeth. You’ll change to a new set of aligners every one to two weeks. As time goes on, you’ll notice your teeth gradually shifting into their properplace.
  4. Smile! Treatment is done and it’s time to celebrate your gorgeous new smile.

You can have the smile of your dreams with  Invisalign . Call  (301) 770-1070  to schedule your free consultation today.

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