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  • 24 Apr, 2014

What Are Veneers?

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Veneers are basically a thin porcelain material that are used to mimic and recreate the natural look of enamel on teeth. They also provide more strength when compared to natural enamel of your teeth. It's a cosmetic "go-to" for people looking to make a slight positional alteration, changing of the tooth shape, size or shade. They are a great alternative to full-blown surgery, and also, much less expensive. It makes an individual look younger, with a natural, healthy smile without the need for an overly invasive procedure.

Dental veneers have been used for some time now to enhance the aesthetics of your smile. They are truly amazing, in that, in as little as two weeks or so, you could have a smile that you've wanted for a lifetime. Many celebrities have gone the route of veneers as well. There are other benefits to veneers as well. For instance, veneers (being porcelain) are much more resistant to staining than your own tooth enamel. They are strong and if taken care of, can last a very long time.

How Do You Go About Getting Veneers?

Well, as is usual with cosmetic procedures, you want to consult with your dentist first. Tell your dentist exactly what you are trying to accomplish with veneers, what shape you want your teeth to be, what color, whether there is a gap to be filled or whatever else you are trying to accomplish. The dentist will be able to tell you if veneers can be used to accomplish what it is you want. She will explain the procedure and schedule you for the prep work. Another advantage to veneers is, your dentist can actually take an impression of your teeth, send the mold to a dental lab and they will send us back a model that will show what your teeth will look like with veneers.

The prep work is the next step as mentioned above. To prepare the tooth the doctor will have to remove a small bit of tooth enamel (exactly enough for the veneer to fit on the tooth). The next step is to take an impression of the freshly prepared teeth. The impression is sent to the lab to start on the creation of your veneers. In the interim between the impression being sent out and your permanent veneers returning, the doctor will give you temporary veneers that will be very similar in look to the veneers that will be made for you. Usually about two weeks later, the permanent veneers will return from the dental lab and the dentist will then bond them to your teeth. Usually it is a temporary bonding agent. They will do this to ensure that the veneers look right on your teeth and that you are satisfied with the end product. If all is in order, the veneers will then be permanently adhered to your teeth with a bonding agent.

More Information

If you are interested in getting veneers to resolve an aesthetic issue with your teeth, all you have to do to get started is have a consult with the doctor.

One understated fact about veneers is: maintenance of your veneers is crucial. There will usually be a follow-up about a week after receiving your veneers. This is to ensure your teeth and mouth are doing okay after the veneer placement. One thing to know is, if you have a history of grinding or clenching, a dental night guard should be created as well in order to protect the work that you just got done on your mouth. Regular maintenance with your dentist is also a must, along-side regular oral hygiene at home. Regular dental checkups and cleaning will help maintain the veneers on your teeth, they will also help alert the doctor to any potential problems.

In Closing

Veneers are a great aesthetic procedure. They can take years off of your appearance, change the shape of your smile, fill gaps in your teeth, give you a lighter tooth shade and generally enhance your smile. And all of that, in a very short amount of time.

If you are interested in resolving a cosmetic issue that has been bothering you, or you just want to generally enhance your smile, call and have a consult with   Dr. Maryam Seifi   at   StarBrite Dental   in Rockville, MD. It could be the first step you take to achieving that smile you've always wanted.

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