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By StarBrite Dental 14 Dec, 2017
We all know that feeling: a sudden toothache which may go away only to return again and again for longer periods of time. If we ignore it, it gets worse. Here’s why:

The human mouth is filled with hundreds of types of bacteria—tiny, living organisms—which live on our teeth, gums, tongue and other areas of the mouth. Some bacteria are good and protect our teeth and gums. Other bacteria are harmful and convert the sugar in food into acids. These acids can gradually eat away at a tooth, creating a “hole” which is commonly called a “cavity.” A cavity is a common cause of tooth pain, but there are other causes as well, including:

1. INFECTION: A cavity , left untreated, allows bacteria to enter the center of the tooth. The bacteria can then spread to the tooth’s root and even the underlying bone supporting it. An infected tooth can cause severe throbbing or shooting pains, as well as fever, sensitivity to hot or cold and swelling.

2. WISDOM TEETH: Wisdom teeth —the four back teeth which appear between the ages of 17 to 25—can be blocked from growing in correctly. The mouth may lack room for additional teeth, or the wisdom teeth may be trying to grow in sideways. As the tooth tries to push through the gum’s surface, it can infect the gum, causing pain and swelling.

3. GUM DISEASE: Your teeth are covered by a sticky coating of bacteria which, if not removed by regular brushing and flossing, can infect the gums. As gum disease progresses, it begins to erode the jawbone which causes the teeth to loosen, requiring extraction. Gum disease symptoms can include pain, swelling and bleeding gums.

When any of the above conditions are ignored, they can cause pain and swelling around the teeth.  With regular cleanings and checkups, the causes of tooth pain can be detected and treated in their early stages.

If you live in the Rockville, Maryland or metropolitan Washington, D.C. area, visit StarBrite Dental , the office of Maryam Seifi. Call us at 301-770-1070 to schedule a visit with Dr. Seifi and start on the path to better oral health today.

By StarBrite Dental 14 Dec, 2017
By StarBrite Dental 27 Nov, 2017

Bad breath can present a problem in social and work settings, potentially leading to embarrassment and loss of confidence. While mouthwash companies advertise to get consumers to use more of their products, the truth of the matter is that bad breath can often be traced to a specific problem with health. Improving oral health is always the best solution when the right cause can be found and eliminated. In this article, we will help you understand the problem and its resolution.

By StarBrite Dental 21 Nov, 2017

No one ever plans on having a toothache or breaking a tooth. This is why they're called " dental emergencies " - because they're often disruptive and happen at inconvenient times. However, regardless of whether you have an accident causing tooth damage or you have an infection suddenly flare up, dental emergencies are usually simple to resolve if you act quickly.

At StarBrite Dental, our mission is to provide you with the highest quality dental care possible, including immediate treatment for your urgent problems. We offer a team of top-notch dentists and dental specialists in a warm and friendly environment. We treat dental emergencies as a top priority and work to get you in and feeling better as quickly as possible.  

We realize emergencies don't necessarily happen during normal business hours. That's why we created a 24-hour Emergency Hotline for our patients.   No matter what oral health problem you're experiencing, you can call us anytime at (240) 832-1606.

We hope we never have to see you for a dental emergency. However, should the need arise, we are here for you and ready to help.

Dr. Maryam Seifi, DDS
StarBrite Dental

By StarBrite Dental 17 Nov, 2017
By StarBrite Dental 02 Nov, 2017

Coffee, tea, ice cream, or a long, icy drink on a summer day—we all enjoy pleasures like these. But when your teeth are sensitive, hot and cold foods or drinks are simply causes of torment. If your teeth have begun to hurt every time you eat something hot or cold—or even when you breathe through your mouth in cold weather—you should know that there are solutions to this sensitivity. It just takes the right care by a skilled dentist to find the exact cause of the problem.

By StarBrite Dental 30 Oct, 2017

Dr. Maryam Seifi and her Starbrite Dental team continued their proud support of the Special Olympics of Maryland Organization (SOMO) in Montgomery County this October when they came out in force at the 4th Annual SOMO Inspirational 2K/5K Walk/Run. SOMO is an organization focused on bringing people together to create a healthier and more welcoming world for the Special Olympics and its athletes, focusing on mutual respect for everyone in our communities. That is a mission that is shared by both Dr. Seifi and her caring staff.

At StarBrite Dental, Dr. Seifi and her staff work every day to bring health, understanding, and gentle care to all of her patients. Here’s what she has to say about working with SOMO: "I love supporting the community and working with positive community events like this one! We are super excited to be a SOMO community sponsor and it has become a little tradition at the office."

This year was even more special, as Dr. Seifi’s own daughter, Nicole Powell, who was a Gold Medal Winner for Team USA in Acrobatic Gymnastics in Poland last year , was invited to put on a special, inspirational routine. Her routine showcased some of the very same acrobatics that won her Gold in 2016. Nicole knows the value of teamwork, of practice, and of never giving up - values that the Special Olympics imbues into the athletes competing every year at their events. Nicole was joined by her brother; Shawn Powell, who has recently joined her in an Acro partnership. Their incredible performance was inspirational to the Special Olympics athletes, their families and participants in the event.

For more photos, please visit the StarBrite Dental Facebook page.

By StarBrite Dental 19 Oct, 2017
A: Very well. 90% of patients worldwide have had success in treatment. Based on an actual survey, 9 out of 10 patients report that they were “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” with their experience and their results.
By StarBrite Dental 17 Oct, 2017

In America, visits to the orthodontist are very common among those in their early teens. But not everyone gets their teeth straightened at this early age, and not everyone sees this treatment as important, either. For quite a few people, it may not seem like their misaligned teeth are much of a problem. Others may never have thought getting their teeth straightened was a worthwhile investment. As the years pass, however, the wisdom of this investment becomes quite apparent.

Proper tooth alignment is not just about your appearance. It’s about correct distribution of the stresses of biting and chewing. Your teeth are actually designed to benefit from these stresses, but when the teeth are misaligned, stress hits on the wrong parts of the teeth and this gradually creates problems. Some of those problems can be serious and result in eventual tooth loss and even major health problems. We’ll explain why.

By StarBrite Dental 10 Oct, 2017
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