Is Tooth Loss a Natural Part of Aging?

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 06 Jul, 2013
Its a common belief that tooth loss is a natural part of the aging process.

Dental Fact:
With good oral hygiene and regular professional dental care, your teeth are meant to last a lifetime.However, if left untreated, periodontal disease (gum disease) can lead to tooth loss.

Gum disease is the primary cause of tooth loss in adults 35 and over.

If the gums are puffy, painful, or they bleed too easily- it is possible you have some form of gum disease.
Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss in the U.S. It's a type of infection that can progress destructively, often unnoticed, just like un-diagnosed high blood pressure or diabetes.

Get the facts about this serious infection.

You can maintain the health of all of your natural teeth so they stay strong and healthy for LIFE!

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