What Patients at StarBrite Dental Are Saying!

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 16 Apr, 2015
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We very much value when our patients take the time to write about their personal experience in our Rockville dental office. Thank you for visiting our website, and taking the time to read the following reviews from a few of our actual patients.

"Very impressed by Ali, Heidi, Shaun, and Osmin! The relief from my one root canal therapy is amazing, I can drink and eat cold items without being bothered. They were very kind and professional. I didn't go to a dentist for over 5 years because my dentist from childhood made me feel so uncomfortable, and the team at Starbrite didn't make me feel uncomfortable at all even after discovering how bad off my teeth were. I went from 8 Tylenols a day to none right after the therapy. Very thankful Shaun made me see the light." -J.S.

"My first time was a welcome change from other dental experiences. I was anxious, but the staff was fabulous and put me at ease. The dentist assured me there would be no pain during my root canal -- and there wasn't! I am actually looking forward to the next visit." -A.A.

"Getting your teeth drilled, when is it ever a pleasant experience? When you have awesome dental health professionals you trust, educate you during your "hands-on experience," talk to you along the process, and make you feel comfortable during your short hour time in the hot dental seat office! This is my second tooth drill. I have gone thru a root canal process (1 yr. ago), and get my mouth, teeth, gums, checked and cleaned quarterly (4 times)! I am well on my way to ALWAYS having a "Life long - Healthy, Happy, mouthful of smiles"! Way to go Star Brite Dental Team!" -C.F.

You can read more dental patient reviews on the StarBrite Dental website. If you need to schedule an appointment for a routine exam or cleaning ... or would like a cosmetic consultation, please give the office a call at   (301) 770-1070 .

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