Why Crooked Teeth Affect More Than Your Smile

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 09 Feb, 2017

A common complaint from patients is that they are unhappy with their smiles. Very often, it’s because their teeth are misaligned or crooked, which makes the patient self-conscious. Unfortunately, crooked teeth are more than a cosmetic issue; they actually create health problems—one of the most serious being gum disease.

Gum disease is a bacterial infection which harms the gums, erodes the jawbone, causes tooth loss and can lead to heart disease, diabetes and other illness. People with crooked teeth are at a higher risk of gum disease because the teeth are very difficult to properly clean. As a result, bacteria can grow freely and gum disease sets in. Misaligned teeth also put undue strain on the mouth and jaw which can cause head or jaw pain. Additionally, excessive pressure can may cause teeth to chip, break or wear down.

There is no reason to suffer with misaligned, crooked or overcrowded teeth. Invisalign invisible braces give you the beautifully straight teeth you’ve always wanted — without the downside of traditional braces. I've delivered Invisalign to hundreds of patients and get fantastic results. I invite you to see me and discuss how Invisalign can give you the smile you’ve been dreaming of. Call  (301) 770-1070  today.

Maryam Seifi
Dr. Maryam Seifi, DDS

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