The Secret of How Celebrities Get That “Movie Star” Smile

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  • 26 Jun, 2015
Celebrity Smiles at StarBrite DentalHollywood stars routinely have dazzling, “megawatt” smiles but you can be sure that many of them didn’t look like that in their teens. If you’re curious, it’s easy to find “before and after” photos of stars who needed the help of a cosmetic dentist before they hit the big time. Now, their pearly whites shine to perfection.


In the field of cosmetic dentistry, there are procedures which can totally transform your smile. No matter how bad they were to start, anyone can end up with teeth that look like they belong on the front page of a fashion mag. You just have to know what each of the procedures are and how they can help you. A good cosmetic dentist can recommend exactly what you need and guide you through these simple steps.

Solutions to Unattractive Teeth

Many of us have a particular feature of our teeth that we’d like to change. Discoloration, chips, gaps between the teeth and odd shapes are all easily fixable. For professional or personal reasons, many people might even want a total smile makeover, giving them a full-on “movie star” smile.

Traditional Cosmetic Dental Services Include:

• Tooth whitening • Tooth-colored composite fillings • Natural-looking porcelain crowns and bridges • Tooth bonding • Porcelain veneers • Braces • Dental implants
We’ll explain what each means and how they can help you.

• Tooth Whitening

Over time, staining foods like coffee and tea take their toll on our teeth. By middle age, many of us note that our smiles are not as bright and white as they used to be. It’s a simple matter to return the brilliance to a smile. For this situation our office offers a revolutionary new professional whitening system called Sapphire Whitening. The Sapphire system along with custom-fitted bleaching trays you take home for multiple applications of whitening material result in just that- brilliantly white teeth.

• Composite Fillings

For many years, the only fillings dentists ever provided were a mix of metals. These metals darken over time and can be unsightly. Today, you can replace these fillings with clean, white “composite” materials which exactly match the color of your teeth so that it’s near impossible to tell that you even got a filling.

• Porcelain Crowns and Bridges

A “crown” is a tooth-shaped cap placed over a tooth for cosmetic or health reasons. A “bridge” is a method of replacing a missing tooth by literally bridging the gap between two other teeth. Some crowns or bridges may have been inexpertly made and show black rims after they age. Replacing these crowns and bridges with bright new material can be a positive part of your smile makeover.

• Tooth Bonding

This procedure fixes chipping, discoloration or poorly shaped teeth. A tooth-colored material is applied directly to the teeth and then is sculpted into the desired shape. A special light then hardens the material for a fast and simple solution to your cosmetic dental problem.

• Veneers

This procedure corrects the same kinds of problems as bonding, but in this case a more durable porcelain shell is applied to the outside of the tooth (literally creating a veneer on your tooth). When your teeth have gaps or uneven shapes, veneers can correct this problem in short order. And multiple teeth can be done at once to create a completely uniform and natural smile that makes your smile literally picture perfect.

• Braces & Invisalign

Of course, everyone knows that braces move the teeth into healthier and more attractive positions. However, they might not realize that invisible braces exist which provide the same result while being hardly noticeable. Invisalign is a revolution in tooth-straightening procedures.

• Dental Implants

An implant is a permanent replacement for missing teeth that can make you forget there was ever a problem. Through a simple surgical procedure, a new tooth is literally implanted into your mouth. This “good as new” solution gives you a brand-new tooth that looks like your others.

What’s Next?

Hollywood smiles aren’t limited to celebrities. Anyone can have the smile of their dreams—you just have to ask for it.

Our office provides cosmetic dentistry and understands that aesthetic dentistry is an art. Our job isn’t just to do a “quick procedure,” but to provide the care and attention necessary for a masterpiece—your new smile.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us at   (301) 770-1070 . We’ll set up a consultation with you and tell you where to start on the road to your own megawatt, movie star smile!

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