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Patient Testimonials

The following reviews are actual testimonials from patients of StarBrite Dental in Rockville, Maryland.

StarBrite Dental Patient - Hans
“I have been going to see Dr. Seifi at StarBrite Dental for years. She has helped me through numerous dental issues, and of course I love CJ for the cleanings- the best in the world.

But my service really began to shine when I was signed up for Invisalign. Initially it was done as my front teeth were chipping and I felt like I couldn’t smile anymore.

In fact I’m in Dental Marketing and I deal with a lot of dentists daily and I had gotten so self-conscious of it that I felt I had to cover my teeth when I talked it. It wasn’t even that I was neglectful of my teeth, I was just busy.
So on a late evening my schedule had unexpectedly freed up and I was able to call in and schedule for a last minute appointment that same night to get the chipped teeth fixed. At that appointment I was told about Invisalign and how it could help avoid future chipping and also possibly help with some TMJ issues I was having. I was found to be an ideal candidate and I started that same night.

That was over 10 months ago, and now I’m at the end of my treatment and doing an adjustment for the final step. It’s going well cosmetically, and my teeth are very straight and no longer chip. I smile confidently and big!

But there was a very unexpected health benefit that happened too. I have for some time suffered from jaw/TMJ spasms, the jaw would shudder out of control for 20-60 seconds at a go. I have done Chiro adjustments, vitamins, etc. and though it has all helped, the issue has continued. This was actually a major part of why I wanted to do Invisalign. And what I got out of it was so much more than expected! The TMJ issue is gone. No more spasms, or head problems connected with my jaw. I feel great and smile great and feel I am really taking care of my oral health, as not only am I in Invisalign but I’m doing my regular hygiene appointments as well. It just made it real to me how important my teeth were, and now I’m taking care of them and feel great about it.

Another convenient thing about the service was I work long hours during the week, so having weekend and evening hours is great for me as that’s when I can do most of my appointments for Invisalign. All said, I rate StarBrite Dental and Dr. Seifi as one of the best!” -H.H.

“Dr. Seifi, It’s been almost 2 years since I had the procedure completed and I must tell you I couldn’t be more thrilled. Having a smile that is literally reminiscent of my youth makes a huge difference in my everyday life when meeting people, doing occasional public speaking and being able to enjoy the simple pleasures of eating pain free.

Thank you for your wonderful mastery of cosmetic dentistry and for your magnificent team. These past couple of years have been the first time in my life I have looked forward to my dental visits.

Thank you again for your dedication and caring for your patients.” B.M.

StarBrite Dental Patient - MJ
“I’m actually a dentist in Northern Maryland. My smile has never been perfect and after 22 years of dentistry I knew I needed dental work of my own.

It was Dr. Seifi’s reputation in the dental field, her expertise and skill that made me see her as a patient. I fully paid for my services and it was worth every penny. If you want the best, you go to the best.” – MJ

StarBrite Dental Patient - DF
“I work in the dental field and know many dentists. So when I decided I wanted veneers, I knew Dr. Seifi was my only option and I booked a flight from Tampa, where I live. To this day the dentists I work with regularly compliment meon how beautiful my smile is. They can’t even tell I have veneers! Thank you Dr. Seifi!” - D.F.

StarBrite Dental Patient - EH
“My wife was first a patient with Dr. Seifi. She has always been scared of the dentist but couldn’t stop talking about how incredible Dr. Seifi was. So despite my drive from Baltimore, I knew I had to meet her. Since 2007 I have regularly been to Dr. Seifi’s office for my cleanings and checkups. What a difference” - E.H.

StarBrite Dental Patient - HJ
“I have known Dr. Seifi for almost 15 years but I was not a patient of hers until 2006. I hated the dentist and could not stand the sound of the drill or getting a shot. I knew I needed work when I first went to see Dr. Seifi. She didn’t make me feel bad or guilty for staying away from the dentist for so long. For the first time she educated me on my teeth.

Step-by-step, I got all my work done with little to no discomfort. And now I never miss a checkup! You couldn’t pay me to see another dentist.” - H.J.

StarBrite Dental Patient - Katherine
“I started Invisalign initially as I had teeth that were chipping due to how crowded my teeth were and the way my bite came together. Every time I came for a cleaning, I was shown how my lower right tooth specifically was cracking more and more from the stress, and that meant I would end up needing a crown.

I also had several other things going on with my teeth/jaw- these were things I hadn’t put together as having anything to do with my teeth crowding or my bite. I was seeing the hygienist every 3 months for cleanings as I had signs of gum disease developing. I would grind my teeth at night and wake up with jaw aches. I would actually wake my husband up and he used to tell me all the time I “chomp my teeth in my sleep.” I used to get migraine headaches regularly – sometimes every couple weeks. I used to get jaw tightness and pains and every so often had troubles actually opening my mouth without getting severe pain.
My Invisalign process took me roughly 1 ½ years. About a year into it, our hygienist put me on regular 6 month cleanings and told me my gum pockets were now 1’s and 2’s (in regular terms – that means my gums are now perfect and healthy and I am NOT going to need any treatment for gum issues).

I also realized recently that it has been over a YEAR since I have had any migraine headaches. A major plus that I was not expecting.

My jaw pains and tightness ceased almost immediately and I have not had any TMJ issues since starting Invisalign.

And last– the results are just awesome. When the staff took my pictures today to show the before and after shots I was amazed. Along with all the above health aspect benefits, my smile actually looks amazing!

Thank you Doctor Seifi! I see all the miracles you produce every day and am so glad I have had the benefit of being one of them.” - K.
Images of Teeth Before and After Invisalign

StarBrite Dental Patient - BF
“I have been to many dentists over the years & somehow made it through fillings, cleanings, whatever. Then came my most recent visit with Dr. Maryam Seifi and I realized that this visit was totally different from what I have had in the past.

Honestly, there are no words that really convey what this experience with Dr. Seifi and her team was like. It is truly indescribable. It was not just her care or attention to my comfort. There was such a feeling of competence that I had no attention on the dental work she was doing. I was relaxed and when we were done, everything was perfect. I now know what it is supposed to be like when you go to a dentist. Thank you Dr. Seifi.” – BF

StarBrite Dental Patient - KH
“I have been well pleased with my entire experience in this office. The entire operation is smooth, efficient and polished, yet it had none of the “factory” feel to it. The staff and dentists couldn’t be nicer and I appreciate the weekend hours too. Best of all, I look and feel great! ” – KH

StarBrite Dental Patient - NB
“My veneers have changed my life in a way I never thought possible, I absolutely love them and I love to laugh and smile all the time now… thanks to Dr Seifi and her staff!” - NB

StarBrite Dental Patient - LW
“I had looked for a long time and interviewed many specialists before deciding on StarBrite Dental. I’m glad I did because they are the most professional and personable dental organization that I have ever dealt with.

Since getting my dental work done, I have had nothing but compliments on my new smile.

I highly recommend them. They are courteous and friendly & their flexible hours fit my busy schedule.” - LW

StarBrite Dental Patient Before and After Photos - GP
“I used to dread going to the dentist but the treatment at StarBrite has completely turned that around. I have just completed Invisalign & veneers and am I ever smiling, It has made such a remarkable difference that it was well worth the time and effort.

The professionalism and attention to detail of Dr Seifi and the entire staff at StarBrite Dental- I can’t begin to express enough thanks to everyone there. I highly recommend StarBrite Dental!” - GP

StarBrite Dental Patient - RS
“Dental care was not something I looked forward to before coming to StarBrite Dental.

But since starting my treatment, everyone in the office has been very personable and so very professional in their approach to me, AND much of my treatment had been without pain or discomfort. Now I do not hesitate to recommend this office.

StarBrite, you have my vote of confidence and support!” – RS

StarBrite Dental Patient - OD
“Since having my dental treatment done in 2005, I am still very happy with my results.” - OD

StarBrite Dental Patient - RK
“In the past, I did not like going to the dentist and I did not like my dental experiences in general. The idea of getting my teeth drilled, or a painful shot was too much. So, when I first went to Dr. Seifi in 2008, I knew there may be some issues to address and I approached the appointment with hesitancy. Not only was it a friendly and comfortable visit, but her chairside manner was very engaging and relaxing. I got educated and for the first time was given a step-by-step plan… I’m no longer scared of the dentist! I live in Springfield, VA, but I travel the distance to receive my dental work where I can be comfortable and without dental fear.” – RK

Call StarBrite Dental in Rockville, MD at (301) 770-1070 to schedule an appointment for a complimentary smile analysis and cosmetic consultation with Dr. Maryam Seifi. The presentation will include a digital before and after photo analysis to show what cosmetic dentistry can do to get you that smile you always dreamed of.
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