Dr. Maryam Seifi Interviewed for Doctors' Choice Awards Dentistry Magazine

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 06 Jun, 2017

Featured Interview with 2015 USA National Award Winner

Dr Maryam Seifi
As a 2015 Doctors' Choice Award winner, Dr. Maryam Seifi , owner of StarBrite Dental is featured in the 2016 Doctors' Choice Awards Dentistry Magazine . The magazine featured a question and answer section dedicated to Dr. Seifi.  Here are some excerpts...

Congratulations to you Dr. Seifi on being the national winner of the Doctors' Choice Awards in Dentistry 2015! What are your feelings on winning this prestigious award?

I am so honored to have received this award from my peers. Helping others live happier, healthier lives through dentistry is my passion. Because oral health is so integral to one's overall well-being, my mission is to provide the highest standard of dental care available.

What dental conditions are commonly treated by you in your office? And what do you believe sets you and your practice apart from others?

In my practice, we focus on General and Cosmetic Dentistry, but we also have specialists on site so that we can provide Comprehensive quality care for our patients who require more complex procedures.

How long have you been established in your practice? And what kind of culture have you created in your practice?

In 1991, I purchased my first practice from another dentist and 25 years later that practice is StarBrite Dental. In the past two and a half decades my patient base has grown from a few hundred that I tracked on paper charts to thousands. The office has had to expand to accommodate and has gone completely digital to be able to handle all the thousands of little details that are associated with providing thorough quality care to each patient. And the staff has expanded as well to be able to continue our excellent service to patients. StarBrite Dental is usually kept pretty busy, but you will find the team here always willing to get an unscheduled patient serviced or fit in an emergency as soon as there is room. We try to go the extra step in patient care, comfort and service.

Also included with the rest of the interview are select reviews that Dr. Seifi received from other doctors, along with other articles on dentistry treatments . Stop by  StarBrite Dental's  office in Rockville, MD and pick up a  free  copy of the magazine today.

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