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StarBrite Dental in Rockville, MD, and over 8,600 other businesses, both large and small, from all different types of industries call this bustling city near Washington, DC home. Indeed this up-and-coming area is home to some 67,000 people, and it grows larger every year. These many thousands of local companies and the professionals that run them help to drive the local economy. At StarBrite dental we feel that they deserve our support, which is why, every day we try to accommodate the business owners and their employees every way that we can.

We know that, as business professionals, caring for your own dental health can, and usually does take up secondary importance to the day to day demands of your time, and energy. With meetings, work, picking your children up from school or practice, and countless other errands throughout the day, there often is little time for yourself. This being the case, your dental health, and proper oral hygiene itself can often go overlooked.

Our Rockville, MD dental patients are understandably very often busy. From six month dental checkups, to getting a needed dental filling, or even the longer dental procedures like root canals, or getting a dental crown, it’s not easy to work into their schedules. Many in our area work a full 5-6 days a week, sometimes even the full 7 days.

Dental Care for the Rockville, MD Region

It’s with this knowledge that StarBrite decided to not only create a dental office that has some of the most convenient hours in the entire Rockville, MD region, but also one where whatever type of dental work it is that you need, you can get it done, right at StarBrite, without having to be referred out to a specialist, often times many miles away. We provide a 24-hour emergency service, seven days a week as well, and regularly have Saturday appointments available.

At Starbrite Dental, we are conveniently located right by Rockville Metro Station, and right off of Rockville Pike. We are happy to be able to provide Comprehensive Dentistry to those in our area, meaning that we are able to offer you nearly every type of dental service that you might need, all under one roof. We have several dedicated dental specialists covering the fields of Endodontics (root canals), Periodontics (gum disease care), Orthodontics (straightening and aligning your teeth), as well as Dental Surgery (able to perform dental implants, gum and bone grafting, wisdom tooth removal, and more), and of course Dr. Maryam Seifi herself, all here to serve your dental needs in one single convenient location.

Now, Rockville, MD’s hard working business professionals, students, and the families that make up this great Montgomery County city, can come in and get the dental care they need and want, without having to re-arrange their already overflowing schedules. We’ve grown with the Rockville community over the 24 years we’ve been practicing in Rockville, MD. Often times, we see several generations of the various families that call this area home. From parent to child, and from child to grandchild, and beyond - we’ll continue being a staple of oral health in our amazing community.

We always welcome new patients, and have special offers just for you. With convenient and accommodating night and weekend appointments, in-house dental specialists and our 24/7 emergency dental services, we’re ready to help! Come on in, and see what caring, gentle, professional, and convenient dentistry in Rockville, MD is all about.

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