Did You Know Your Dentist Recommends You Brush 2x/Day For 2 Whole Minutes?

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 22 Nov, 2013
Old man brushing
It's true. The American Dental Association- the group that represents dentistry and its rules in America, says you should brush 2x a day for 2 minutes each time. Now, most people do brush and brush 2x a day, but they don't do the full 2 minutes. They rush it, or lose track or something. But brushing your teeth the whole two minutes helps clean the teeth, and get in between them and knock out the plague and potential bacteria that could lead to bad breath, gum infection, tooth decay and such things.

One of the big helps to getting people to brush effectively and regularly and for two minutes is the electric tooth brush. Its easy to use, and its vibrating motion gets the hard to reach areas much better than manual brushing. People who have a hard time brushing such as children, or people with other dental devices in their mouth and who are older and find it a challenge to brush manually, also people with disabilities sometimes find it hard to brush manually. Electric tooth brushes are often recommended for them as it does the job much more efficiently, and easily.
Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
One interesting feature for the electric tooth brushes is that they are timed for 2 minutes, they go on and time your brushing exactly for 2 minutes. Then you know for sure that its done long enough, this is good for early mornings or late at night when you are not all there and just want to get to bed or get going to start your day.

StarBrite Dental offers several electric tooth brushes for different levels. We have one for children, one for on the go or travel called the Xtreme, then more and more advance ones- even one with a sanitizer built in. We invite you to check in at your next visit and ask the doctor which product is right for you. Its also a good holidays gift idea, and you can pick them up right in the office on your way out.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Brushing


Ps: for a more serious look at electric vs manual check out this blog article from BestHealth-

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