Your Rockville, MD Dentist Assures Oral Health with Regular Check-Up

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 06 Jun, 2014

When we think about keeping ourselves healthy, we often worry and take precautions over our weight, our heart, or our blood pressure. Few people may realize that oral health impinges on general physical health. Oral health, however, as any skilled dentist in Rockville, MD and elsewhere will tell you, is not just about yellowing teeth and bad breath. It is sustained by daily good oral habits and hygiene. Cavities, teeth loss, and later, serious gum diseases are inevitable complications caused by poor dental hygiene. Dr. Phil Wenk, in his article on the Tennessean, underscores the effects of poor dental care:

"Dental care is directly connected to our overall well-being and productivity; according to a U.S. surgeon general’s report, ignoring oral health can lead to needless pain and suffering, causing devastating complications. The financial and social costs of poor oral health significantly diminish quality of life and even burden society.

Dental coverage is a significant factor: Nearly eight out of 10 Americans (78 percent) with dental coverage visit the dentist at least once a year, versus only about half (52 percent) of those who don’t have coverage."

Gum diseases, have been linked to heart disease and diabetes, among other complications. Scientists have noted that inflammation in the gums weakens the body’s capacity to control the amount of blood sugar in the body. Periodontal disease complicates conditions, particularly where there is high blood sugar in the body. High blood sugar provides the environment for infection to grow; it’s a vicious cycle where gum inflammation fully utilizes the body’s immune system to fight infection, while weakening it in other areas, such as in controlling blood sugar, or its ability to utilize insulin.

Gum disease, thus, has always had this potent connection with diabetes, the condition where the body is blighted by its inability to process sugar for energy. Regular check-ups with your local Rockville dentist like Dr. Maryam Seifi or a visit to her clinic, StarBrite Dental, should be made an essential part of your dental health regimen.

Good dental hygiene for oral health starts at home. Brush and floss your teeth. Use an antibacterial rinse to make for an even cleaner mouth. Focus on a diet rich in fiber, and avoid foods (crunching hard candies or fruits) and activities (smoking) that speed up the wear-and-tear of your teeth. Dental hygiene is as important as taking regular baths and eating balanced meals.

(Source:   Oral health affects personal well-being , The Tennessean, June 4, 2014)

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