Dr. Seifi of StarBrite Dental Again Receives Top Ranking from Invisalign

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 23 Nov, 2015

Dr. Seifi was very pleased to recently receive an Invisalign Preferred Provider ranking from Invisalign for 2015. The company again awarded her this status as a result of 100 cases she treated with Invisalign techniques last year. This actually made Dr. Seifi the highest General Dentist provider in the Washington, D.C. Area.

Dr. Seifi takes pride in keeping up with all the best and most innovative techniques in dental healthcare. That’s how Dr. Seifi and StarBrite Dental ensure they can offer the level of care their patients need. She never stops learning and her Preferred Provider ranking is evidence of her dedication.

Invisalign itself says that finding an experienced doctor can make all the difference in the results you receive. And with 100 cases treated just last year, Dr. Seifi has the experience to give you the improvement in appearance and overall dental health you are looking for.

Improved Alignment: Not Just for Teens Any More!

For decades, the only time you could correct the alignment of your teeth was when you were young. Times change and technologies change, and now a problem with alignment can be corrected even in adulthood.

Sometimes, individuals who never received alignment treatment in their younger years decide to make that investment in their appearance when they are adults. However, that’s not the only reason to correct the alignment of your teeth.

Here’s some of the other ways that having correctly aligned teeth benefits your dental, oral and even overall health:

  • Properly aligned teeth enable you to brush and floss more thoroughly, which means less plaque buildup and generally fewer cavities.
  • Gums fit more tightly around teeth that are correctly aligned, meaning there is a lower possibility of gum disease which can lead to damage or even loss of teeth.
  • Misalignment can cause intense stresses on parts of the teeth that weren’t designed for it. These stresses can cause fractures or erosion to the point that teeth can become severely worn down.
  • Misalignments can also result in jaw problems or pain in the jaw joint near the temple. Pain can spread to neck or back.

Essentially, your teeth are designed to work best when they are evenly aligned. Any other situation results in problematic wear and tear on teeth, jawbone, muscles and nerves.

The Invisalign Solution

Invisalign offers a way to move your teeth into their ideal position and relieve this stress without needing a mouthful to metal to accomplish this goal. Since Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, most people won’t even notice! And since they are removable, you can clean your teeth like you normally do.

Many people like the fact that with Invisalign, they are not restricted on what they can eat. Crunchy or chewy foods like chips, popcorn, apples, corn on the cob or crusty bread can still be eaten with Invisalign, but aren’t recommended for people with metal braces.

If you’re an adult looking for a better-looking, healthier smile, the perfect solution is here. We treat patients from all over the Washington, D.C. area. If this is a solution you are considering and you’re new to our practice, please ask for a for a Free Dental Consultation by calling   (301) 377-2186 . We’re here to help you achieve your goals for beautiful, healthy teeth that will last your whole life.

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