Why a Root Canal After a Crown?

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 05 Oct, 2015

If you have a crown, it was placed because the outside of the tooth was damaged and needed more than just a filling. But the crown doesn’t protect the inside of the tooth, called the pulp.

The pulp contains the nerves, blood and veins that keep the tooth alive. If this pulp becomes infected it will need root canal therapy.

Infected pulp will not heal on its own. If we don’t perform root canal therapy, the infection can spread and cause a painful abscess.

When do we place a crown?

There is no way to predict when the need for root canal therapy might occur. But, because the tooth was damaged enough to need a crown, it is likely the pulp is in a compromised state.

In some cases, we may be able to enter through the crown. Once we clean and repair the root canals, we can simply restore the crown much like we’d restore a natural tooth.

Otherwise, we may have to remove the crown in order to remove the infected pulp and treat the roots. We’ll then need to create and place a new crown.

Root canal therapy, even on a crowned tooth, is done to help save the tooth. It’s our goal to give you a healthy, beautiful smile.

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