My Experience with My Local Dentist in Rockville: StarBrite Dental

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 07 Sep, 2013
Rockville MD Root Canal Patient
"Getting your teeth drilled, when is it ever a pleasant experience?

When you have awesome dental health professionals you trust, educate you during your "hands-on experience," talk to you along the process, and make you feel comfortable during your short hour time in the dental office hot seat!

I've just had my second tooth drilled. I also had gone through a root canal process (1 yr. ago), and get my mouth, teeth, gums, checked and cleaned quarterly (4 times)! I am well on my way to ALWAYS having a "Life Long - Healthy, Happy, mouthful of smiles!" Way to go StarBrite Dental Team - onward, upward!

This dental health team and office practices a holistic methodology (education, current multi-social media {FB, texts, CDs], electronic billing, volunteer community dental outreach services who incorporates the whole community approach and but off course "always" a satisfactory experience for every dental pre-appointment and dental visit!

As a uniformed service and a federal emergency support health professional who works 365/24/7; I personally like the time factor accommodation, the office is also open at night! Now what dental office team R-O-C-K-S?

This one!

If you don't have a local dentist and/or a local dental health team like this in the National Capital Region (DC, MD, VA) come visit the StarBrite Dental team at Hubbard Drive in Rockville. I highly recommend it!" Aloha oe, C.L.F.

-Thanks C.L. We really appreciate the positive feedback! StarBrite Dental

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