A Dental Cleaning Story

  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 20 May, 2015

"Dr. Seifi has been my family's dentist for many, many years. That is - until we moved away to the other side of the country. After settling down to our new house and school for my kids, and life, we decided to find ourselves a "good dentist" to take care of the whole family... or so we thought."

Here's my story:

"I scheduled a "New Patient" appointment at 8am, 9am and 10am for the three of us- myself, my son and my daughter. When we arrived that morning the hygienist was waiting for us. She took my 3-year old son back first and 10 minutes later she brought him back up to tell me he was done. I asked her if the dentist still needed to see him and she said that his exam with the doctor was already done too. I thought that was odd as every time I had brought him to see the hygienist at StarBrite Dental in the past, it was always at least a 1/2 hour because of the care and attention given to him by both the hygienist and the doctor.

Then she took my 5 year old daughter back. The hygienist STARTED with a polish and when that was done, she was done. No cleaning or scaling for tartar was done- maybe 5 minutes total from start to finish. The hygienist commented on how clean and beautiful my daughter's teeth are. Then the dentist popped in and made the same note telling me she looks like I definitely take a lot of care of her teeth as for a 5 year old, they are as perfect as they can be. Then she was done. 15 minutes - max.

I was up next and the hygienist told me she will clean my teeth first before my comprehensive exam with the doctor. She then began to POLISH my teeth right off the bat. Again no cleaning or scaling for tartar- 10 minutes & done. She said I have perfect teeth and couldn't even see any tartar. Again, it seemed odd. For my exam the dentist came in and used an oral camera while the hygienist made notes in the computer about which teeth have fillings and where they were. He then told me that I have a "mouth like a hygienist" and he just can't find anything wrong. He seemed disappointed. It was strange.

We were done with our family visit just after 9am- 1 hour for a cleaning AND "comprehensive" exam for all three of us. I was charged $115 for my cleaning plus $190 for a "Comprehensive exam." The kids' charges were similar, but slightly less. I paid about $600 for that total visit. And that did not include any X-Rays for any of us -- as I had them forwarded from StarBrite.

Up until this point, what I've been used to at StarBrite Dental is my cleaning & exam lasting for about an hour: the cleaning being an incredibly thorough affair with no question as to any tartar remaining, and then the amazing amount of education going along with that so that I could improve upon my own hygiene. Cleanings were also always followed by a full exam by Dr. Seifi as well, and during this exam the care factor would be utterly evident to make sure any concerns about my teeth and their care was utterly addressed to my satisfaction, allowing me to walk away knowing that I had been thoroughly cared-for and in better state than I walked in.

I wanted to write to you guys to give you an idea of what happens and the way it goes in other dental offices - even ones that are "highly recommended." And to say that I simply love Dr. Seifi and StarBrite Dental."

Love, Kat

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