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  • By StarBrite Dental
  • 16 May, 2013

StarBrite Dental April Reviews

"Very good service I received from my Dentist and from all the employees. I will highly recommend this Clinic to my friends."L.P. 4/21

"Very Happy with the service."                                                           M.H. 4/28

"The young lady who cleaned my teeth was great. Did a good job explaining everything and gave me a good cleaning. In addition she was very personable and easy to like."                                                                 S.F. 5/02

"The attention to detail with the cleaning and check up was exceptional as always."                                               G.P. 5/11

"Best experience at a dentist. Had two wisdom teeth and a tooth pull. So nervous but didn’t feel a thing."                         S. A. 5/11

"Thanks Kathryn for answering my emails at midnight for urgent/emergency concerns!"                                       J.B. 5/12

"The entire staff as well as the dentists are a pleasure to have as my dental contacts."                                                                 S.F. 5/11

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