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  • 12 Sep, 2013

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Patient: J. R.
Description of Experience: I went to StarBrite Dental in Rockville, MD for dental services.

Patient Comments: "They are very friendly. She is really good. She has a really good bedside manner. The staff is very welcoming. What really attracted me to them was their hours. They do emergency hours. The way I found them was through emergency hotline. I had to dial to an emergency on a weekend evening on a Saturday night and they took care of me. So, 6:00 PM on a Saturday evening I started looking, and was at their office by 8:00pm on a Saturday night and they kept their staff there for me. They took care of me right away and they scheduled me for a follow up."

Patient: L.W.
Description of Experience: I broke my tooth in half and needed to be seen as soon as possible.

Patient Comments: "I broke my tooth and needed an appointment as soon as possible. This is not the first time I have had a dental emergency and Dr. Seifi has found time to see me in her full schedule. No doubt I (and probably others) are the reason for the "B" rating she gets on punctuality. But she gets and A+++++ from me as she and her team are always there for me when I need them. I was always a nervous dental patient until the last several years I have been seeing Dr. Seifi. I no longer have the anxiety over dental procedures that I used to due to the competence and kindness that she and her staff provide."

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